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You have until December 15th to renew your health insurance coverage effective January 2022.

Your health insurance covers the cost of your 3rd party health insurance advisor to coach you through your decisions each year.

Yet, most self-employed Utahns aren’t getting all the benefits they are entitled to from their health insurance advisor. 

Health insurance advisor checklist

Good health insurance advisors will coach Utahns not only at renewal but throughout the year.

You should expect:

  • Help when you need it - don’t wait on hold for hours with insurance companies!
  • Proactive, monthly communication on where you stand with your coverage.
  • Insights on how to maximize your coverage during the year.
  • Same-day responses to your questions via text, chat, email, or phone.

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You can keep your same plan. Nothing changes with your coverage should you make us your agent.

Even if you don't go with us, it's always smart to get an extra set of eyes to make sure you're not missing anything.

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