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For Utahns who buy their own health insurance

A better way to find and manage your own health insurance

Create an account, connect your plan, and make us your agent today. We’ll take care of the rest.
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How it works

We’ll make sure you find the right coverage and help you manage it year-round, giving you the confidence you’re not wasting money or time.

Create an account

In two minutes or less, create a free LegUp Health account to access our Utah health insurance concierge service.


Connect your plan

We'll pull in your existing Marketplace coverage if you have it. You’ll also be able to explore and compare the 99+ plans available in Utah.


We take care of the rest

Once your plan is connected, your coverage details will appear on your LegUp Health dashboard, and we will start managing it for you.

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What makes us different

Why LegUp Health?

We're better than and any health insurance agent or service you've tried before.

Automated plan management

We make it easy for you to access all your important insurance information in one place. We keep an eye on your coverage for you, make sure you don’t miss important deadlines, keep your coverage limits top of mind, and alert you of compliance requirements. And we’ll make sure you stay up-to-date with changes to the market.

Local, unbiased, expert advisors

With so many insurance salespeople out there, it's not always clear who you can trust. Our team members are non-commission "coaches" who prioritize customer service over sales. We coach and empower you to make the best decision based on your situation. We'll make sure your doctors and prescriptions are covered.
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Simpler than’s user experience and customer support aren't awesome. Our platform will show you all the available plans in your area so you can compare them and make a smart choice in less time. Find your top plans in 15 minutes or less while maximizing your tax credits.
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We're here for you—always

Most agents disappear after they sell you a policy. With LegUp Health, you get year-round support. We’re your advocate with your insurance company and all year long. We'll help you save money by maximizing tax advantages, using your coverage the right way, and guiding you through open enrollment and life events.
How It Works
Save money, save time, and worry less

We give our clients a leg up

If you're a Utahn who buys your own health insurance, let us manage your health insurance for you. You’ll save money, save time, and sleep better knowing we have your back. If you don’t have health insurance, we can help you find it.
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John C.
Before LegUp Health, our family was on its own. It's nice to know we have someone who will help us if we need it.
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David W.
When I moved to Utah, I had no idea which individual health insurance plans were best. And as a business owner, I didn't have time to figure it out on my own. LegUp Health helped me find the right plan and saves me time when I have questions.
A headshot of Alison Wistner
Alison W.
I've always had coverage through my employer until this year. Navigating individual health insurance alone was a nightmare. LegUp Health makes it less frustrating.
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Ross B.
As a digital nomad with a family, finding health insurance that meets our needs has been hard. LegUp Health helped me explore our options and enroll online.

LegUp Health is a year-round service that helps Utahns find and manage their own health insurance.