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Feel confident you (and your people) have the right health insurance

LegUp Health is a health insurance concierge service that provides unbiased guidance and year-round support to Utah small businesses and their employees to give them confidence they’re enrolled in the right plan for their budget and needs.
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For small businesses, navigating health insurance can be a nightmare

  • You’re uncertain about the right approach for your business and employees.
  • Without benefits, you miss out on potential hires and face high turnover.
  • If you take the wrong approach, you waste time and money.
  • Being ignored by your broker makes you feel like a second-rate citizen.
  • When you or your employees have questions, there’s nowhere to turn.

Small business health insurance has evolved



  • Group coverage or nothing
  • Agents focus on making the sale
  • Unaffordable for small businesses
  • Support vanishes after open enrollment
  • Low-tech solutions


  • All insurance options on the table
  • Agents focus on choosing the right approach
  • Fits every budget—even $0
  • Year-round support and employee coaching
  • Tech-enabled services

The right health insurance. The right support. None of the complexity

Choose the right health insurance for you and your team

Most insurance agents only offer one option: group insurance. While that's right for some businesses, there are other options, such as offering employees a benefit allowance. Even businesses with no budget for health benefits can still take care of their employees by connecting them with an advisor who can navigate the complicated individual insurance market. LegUp Health helps you decide which of these approaches makes the most sense, and our insurance experts can help you implement whatever approach you settle on.
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Lean on us for support year-round

Other agencies disappear after open enrollment, but not us. We’ll stick around all year to offer one-on-one health insurance coaching. In addition to answering all your benefits questions, we’ll provide monthly employee check-ins and unlimited email, phone, and chat support.
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Find all your benefits information in one easy-to-use platform

To help you and your team stay organized, we’ve built a user-friendly platform that stores all your benefits information. Employees can access shopping tools, digital insurance cards, and coverage details—all in one place!
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Stress less with outsourced benefits administration

LegUp will take benefits administration off your hands. In addition to managing employee communication during onboarding, we’ll provide on-call support to your HR team and potential hires and conduct quarterly and annual assessments to make sure your benefits are on track.

Here's how it works

1. Connect with our team

Ready to get started? Schedule a call with us, and we’ll discuss how LegUp Health can help you navigate the complex world of health benefits.

2. Select the right approach

We’ll walk you through the pros and cons of every available option, then help you pick the right one for your business, budget, tax situation, and employee needs.

3. Get ongoing support

Unlike other agencies, we won’t ghost you. Our team will be available year-round to help you and your employees understand how your benefits work and answer questions.

4. Reevaluate options regularly

Reevaluate your benefits regularly with a trusted guide to ensure you always have the best plan for your business’s changing needs.

“LegUp Health makes it easy to find and manage the right health insurance for my company's current stage and budget.“
Garrett Jestice
Founder, Prelude

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