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We're on a mission to make buying your own health insurance a benefit; not a burden!
LegUp Health is a free health insurance agency that helps Utahns confidently find, use, and manage their own coverage.
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Rick Lindquist

Our founding

Rick Lindquist founded LegUp Health in 2020. For over a decade at his previous company, Rick witnessed firsthand the challenges American workers and their families faced when their profession required them to purchase their own health insurance. He started LegUp Health to build a new type of health insurance agency. An agency focused on service (not sales), enabled by software (not paper), and employing unbiased coaches (not commissioned brokers).

Our promises to you

From our Founder, Rick Lindquist

Today, more than 200,000 Utahns buy their own health insurance. For them, finding, using, and managing health insurance is an overwhelming experience. Every year, they waste countless time and money buying the wrong plan or misusing the right one.

Most of these Utahns try to solve this problem on their own. They either use healthcare.gov or they “go direct” to a health insurance company. Others attempt to shortcut the process by working with an insurance broker. And others procrastinate until a decision gets made for them.

There’s a hidden secret that makes this status quo crazy. These Utahns are already paying for a third-party "agent" to help year-round. The insurance company sets aside a small fee each month to pay an agent to help level the playing field. This “agent fee” is included in all insurance "premiums", whether the consumer has an agent or not.

You deserve better.

We really are different. The following are our promises to you, the clients of LegUp Health. We're publishing them here so that you (and everyone else) will know exactly what to expect from our company. If we ever break these promises, please hold us accountable.

Our clients are actually our #1 priority

Cliched? Yup! But at LegUp Health, we actually mean it. We are building LegUp Health to solve the consumer's problem. Nothing trumps the importance of the the consumer experience. We promise every decision we make has that singular goal in mind.

We'll never sell, hustle, or steer you

Our goal is to help you feel confident about your health insurance decisions, whatever they may be. All LegUp Health team members are salaried and receive no health insurance commissions. We don’t hire salespeople and we don’t allow selling. I promise you will never feel like you’re getting sold, hustled, or steered.

We're in this for the long haul

We are independently owned and operated. That means we have no outside investor(s) pressuring us to make short-sighted decisions. The company makes money and we will grow it steadily as our resources allow. I promise that LegUp Health is financially secure, and that we will never take careless risks to jeopardize that security. We plan on running this company for many years to come.

We'll keep our conversations private

We take client confidentiality seriously. In using LegUp Health's service, you may share private information with us you and your family. When you share your personal health and financial information with us, we promise to keep it confidential.

We'll maintain our deep expertise

I’ve spent my entire career focused on individual health insurance. Before LegUp Health, I was the CEO of PeopleKeep and Zane Benefits. There, we pioneered the concept of employer-funded individual health insurance. I've co-authored a book, The End of Employer-provided Health Insurance (Wiley 2014). And my work in this arena has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, and PBS. We've baked this deep expertise into the company since day one, and we promise to maintain it as laws and regulations evolve.

I am fully aware that these promises are just words on a web page, and that words are empty without actions. I invite you to try our service, and if you feel we aren't living up to these promises, to hold us accountable. Call us out. Tell us what we're doing wrong. And tell everyone else that we're not to be trusted.

If you still have concerns, or if you'd just like to chat and get to know me, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email me at rick@leguphealth.com. You can call me at ‪(385) 355-4818‬. You can tweet at me at @RickLindquist. You can message me on LinkedIn. Go ahead and put us to the test. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Rick Lindquist

Our team

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