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Health Insurance Resources

Free books, guides, templates, and more to help you better find, use, and manage your own health insurance coverage.
We are committed to providing quality and useful content resources to the public. If you find an error or have a request, please contact us.


At our previous company, we built a blog that grew to hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors and that was regularly cited by top news and research firms. We're excited to build something even better at LegUp Health.

Health insurance is complex. As the shift to consumer-managed health insurance accelerates, Americans will need help finding, using, and managing their coverage.  We want LegUp Health and our blog to be a trusted resource for all. I hope you will consider subscribing and contributing to our discussion. If you have topic ideas or requests, please let me know.


Here are a few of the guides we've put together so far. If you'd like us to add another state, insurance company, or plan, please contact us.

State Individual Health Insurance Guides

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Individual Health Insurance Company Guides

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Individual Health Insurance Plan Guides

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