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Welcome to the LegUp Health Blog

Welcome to the LegUp Health Blog

Dear Reader,

We are in the middle of a paradigm shift. In the past, the majority of Americans received health insurance through their employers. But today, the majority of Americans manage health insurance on their own. They buy a private plan, enroll in a public program, or choose to self-insure. I expect this shift to continue until all Americans manage their own coverage.

Health insurance is complex. As this shift accelerates, consumers will need help finding, using, and managing coverage. I want LegUp Health and this blog to be a trusted resource.

At LegUp Health, we help consumers find, use, and manage their own health insurance coverage. We will primarily cover topics related to our core focus. But, we may also cover related topics in health care (e.g. personal health and wellness). If you have topic ideas or requests, contact me on Twitter or email me at

To maximize this blog's usefulness, our content will meet the following guidelines:

  • We will focus on useful, long lasting information.
  • We will write at an 8th grade reading level or below.
  • We will interlink our content to limit complexity.
  • We will provide ongoing support for each article.


Rick Lindquist
Founder, LegUp Health

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