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Why We're Different

LegUp Health is different than any health insurance agent or service you've tried before.

250,000+ Utahns buy their own health insurance

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It's an overwhelming experience

Utahns waste countless time and money buying the wrong plan or misusing the right one.
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There are hundreds of plan options

Without help from HR, and with hundreds of plan options available, choice has become a burden.
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Laws make it complicated

As a result, most of these Utahns aren't confident they have the best coverage at the best price.

Explore a Better Way
Most Utahns try to solve this problem on their own—using or “going direct” to a health insurance company.

Others attempt to shortcut the process by working with an insurance agent.

These existing solutions fall short

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    They don’t help Utahns compare all of their options. and insurance companies don’t let Utahns see all their plan options. And while traditional health insurance brokers may mean well, they’re biased. They work on commission. So they often focus on a sale instead of ensuring consumers find the best coverage at the best price.
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    They don’t help Utahns use and manage their coverage. doesn’t help consumers after they buy coverage; it’s only a shopping tool. Insurance companies don't help consumers maximize their benefits; doing so would reduce profits. And insurance brokers don’t deliver ongoing service; they’re salespeople.
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    They don’t deliver the service Utahns are already paying for.

    There’s a hidden secret that makes the status quo even crazier. Utah consumers are already paying for a third-party "agent" to help year-round. The insurance company sets aside a small fee each month to pay an agent to help level the playing field. This “agent fee” is included in all insurance "premiums", whether the consumer has an agent or not.

We believe buying your own health insurance should be a benefit; not a burden

Individual coverage has many advantages over traditional employer-provided coverage:

It’s portable.

You can keep your health insurance when you switch jobs.

It maximizes choice.

You can pick your own doctor networks, co-pays, and deductibles.

It maximizes tax credits

You can take advantage of new premium tax credits that cap health insurance costs.

It maximizes consumerism.

Your consumer preferences get amplified, which leads to long term health care innovation.

It frees employers

Your employer can focus their time and money on their core business.

So we've built a better solution

LegUp Health is a free health insurance agency that helps you find, use, and manage your own coverage. If you buy your own health insurance in Utah, you can use LegUp Health to:

Find the best coverage at the best price.


Save time and money using and managing your coverage.


Get the year-round support you’re already paying for.

How It Works

See how LegUp Health compares to most health insurance agents.


LegUp Health

Most agents

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