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Testimonials and Reviews

See what our clients have to say about LegUp Health
A headshot of JD Cleary
“Before LegUp Health, our family was on its own. It's nice to know we have someone who will help us if we need it.”
John C.

Our clients

Every health insurance agency claims to have an awesome service, but as you probably know, it's typically not true. So instead of listening to us, why don't you read what our clients have to say about LegUp Health.

The following testimonials are just a handful of the happy client reviews we've collected so far
A headshot of Ross Baker
Ross B.
As a digital nomad with a family, finding health insurance that meets our needs has been hard. LegUp Health helped me explore our options and enroll online.
A headshot of David Weinstein
David W.
When I moved to Utah, I had no idea which individual health insurance plans were best. And as a business owner, I didn't have time to figure it out on my own. LegUp Health helped me find the right plan and saves me time when I have questions.
A headshot of Alison Wistner
Alison W.
I've always had coverage through my employer until this year. Navigating individual health insurance alone was a nightmare. LegUp Health makes it less frustrating.
A headshot of JD Cleary
John C.
Before LegUp Health, our family was on its own. It's nice to know we have someone who will help us if we need it.

Use case studies

Here are some of the different ways we've helped our clients so far. Out of respect for client confidentiality, all names are fictitious.

Saving $3,500 per year

Susan had renewed the same individual health insurance policy for almost a decade. After reviewing all her options with LegUp Health she purchased a new policy from a different health insurance company. She’s now saving $3,500 per year on health insurance.

Getting the service you're already paying for

Mary had already bought her own health insurance through a traditional broker. But, her broker rarely returned her phone calls or answered her questions. When she discovered LegUp Health, she made us her agent so she could get the service she was already paying for.

Making confident health insurance decisions

Don moved to Utah and needed help finding coverage. He used LegUp Health to compare policies from all the insurance companies in Utah and enroll online. He contacts us regularly for help understanding his coverage and navigating his network.

Saving time managing health insurance

Steven and his family had bought health insurance directly from the health insurance company for years. He’s now using LegUp Health to save time and money using and managing his health insurance. During Open Enrollment this year, we'll ensure he has the best coverage for the best price.

Saving $10,000 per year

Jason recently started a new business and needed to get new health insurance for his family. He was about to buy a policy directly from the insurance company when he discovered LegUp Health. After using our free tools and advice, he decided to get the same plan via He and his family are saving $10,000 per year by taking advantage of premium tax credits.

LegUp Health is a year-round service that helps Utahns find and manage their own health insurance.