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Our plan to give back to the Utah community in 2021

Our plan to give back to the Utah community in 2021

I’ve been thinking about the best way for LegUp Health to “give back” to the Utah community as we grow. LegUp Health is an early-stage startup company. Our ability to give back is limited by our core business. Thus, we must start small and have a plan to grow community impact as our core business grows.

In 2021, we’re going to focus our local community service efforts on assisting Utah Medicaid enrollees.

Medicaid is a state-based government health insurance program that provides health coverage to Americans with low-income or a disability. In 2019, Utah’s Medicaid program covered nearly ten percent of the state population.[1] That’s 300,000 Utahs.

LegUp Health is in a unique position to help Utah Medicaid policyholders. We’re familiar with the problem and we already have a working solution.

We’re familiar with the Medicaid member’s problem. Applying for, enrolling in, and using Utah’s Medicaid program is just like finding, using, and managing your own health insurance. It’s complex and there are limited reliable resources to turn to for help. In addition, the income and household size eligibility tables for Utah Medicaid are now the same as those for premium tax credits on individual policies. 

We already have a working solution for Medicaid members. Five percent of LegUp Health’s first one hundred users were on Medicaid when they signed up. The digital insurance cards, monthly coverage updates, and support services that we originally built for individual health insurance policies work equally well for Medicaid policies.

I estimate we can afford to support one Medicaid enrollee for every ten revenue-generating clients. Today, we are at 35 clients, so we can volunteer our services to three Medicaid members. And as we add more clients, our volunteer capacity will increase.

So, consider this the official launch of our 2021 Medicaid “give back” program. We commit to helping one Medicaid enrollee for every ten LegUp Health clients in 2021. If you’re a current or prospective Medicaid member looking for reliable help, email me at If we have capacity, we’ll help. Otherwise, we’ll add you to the waitlist.


[1] Source: Kaiser Family Foundation’s 2019 data.

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