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What is an agent of record (AOR) letter?

What is an agent of record (AOR) letter?

An agent of record (AOR) is the individual health insurance agent you designate with your health insurance company to represent you and help you manage your insurance policy. Each individual policy you purchase has its own agent of record.

Your insurance company requires you sign an agent of record letter before they will allow LegUp Health to access and discuss specific details on your policy. As your agent of record, LegUp Health can access specific details about your policy and help resolve issues. This allows us to offer you enhanced services and better help you.

Also, when you designate LegUp Health as your agent of record, the insurance company starts paying us to help serve you. It’s how we make money. You don’t pay additional money when you assign LegUp Health as your agent. In fact, if you don’t assign an agent, you’re actually leaving free service on the table. Most people don’t realize this, but you’re actually paying for an agent via your insurance premium whether you use one or not.

An agent of record letter can be used to designate LegUp Health as your initial agent or replace your existing agent.

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