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What is an individual health insurance agent?

What is an individual health insurance agent?

An individual health insurance agent is a licensed health insurance professional who can help you search, compare, enroll, and leverage individual health insurance plans.

The best health insurance agents are insurance company-agnostic. This means they can help you evaluate the pros and cons of different health insurance companies and their networks. (It also means they should be unbiased and have your best interests in mind; though this is not always true.)

Insurance companies pay agents to help service policyholders (like you). You don’t pay additional money if you assign an agent. In fact, if you don’t assign an agent, you’re actually leaving free service on the table. (Most people don’t realize this, but you’re actually paying for an agent via your insurance premium whether you use one or not.)

Health insurance agents must be licensed in your state and have agreements with insurance companies (often called appointments) to sell individual health insurance policies. Agents must also be registered with the federal government to assist you with (the Marketplace) and premium subsidies.

LegUp Health is reinventing the agent service model. LegUp Health is an individual health insurance agencythat combines useful online software with awesome service to save you time, increase peace of mind, and empower you to be an educated healthcare consumer.

You can assign LegUp Health as your agent of record (AOR) at any time via your online portal.

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