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JD Cleary joins LegUp Health as General Manager

JD Cleary joins LegUp Health as General Manager

It gives me great pleasure to announce that JD Cleary has joined LegUp Health as General Manager to scale our health insurance concierge service in Utah. JD brings 10-plus years of experience helping families and small business owners navigate the complexities of health insurance. Most recently, JD was a Vice President at PeopleKeep, where he helped build a profitable business with millions in revenue.

JD and I have known each other as coworkers and friends for over a decade. We share a deep understanding and empathy for the challenges facing the 200,000 Utahns who buy their own health insurance today. More importantly, we share a vision for a solution.

Health insurance is a black box. If you make a mistake, it can cost you thousands of dollars, mess up your health, and lead to countless hours of wasted time arguing with the insurance company. In a perfect world, a Utah Marketplace consumer could rely on a health insurance "coach" to:

  1. Help them find and confidently choose the best Marketplace policy for their family.
  2. Be available year-round to assist with coverage questions and issues with the insurance company.
  3. Streamline Marketplace application updates during open enrollment and life events.
  4. Never sell, hustle, pressure, or steer them based on commissions.

And that's what we're building. LegUp Health is a premium concierge service that lets you spend less time managing your Utah Marketplace coverage and more time using it. Our coaches protect you from the health insurance horror stories year-round while helping maximize your return on investment. And you'll never feel sold, hustled, or steered.

Please join me in welcoming JD to the team! We're just getting started.


Rick Lindquist
Founder, LegUp Health

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